Director And Cinematographer

Kendy Ty

Director And Cinematographer

Kendy is an award-winning director who is renowned worldwide for his signature style and image. The originality of his voice lends itself to melancholic moods and dark tones. He has an insatiable desire to create vivid visuals and rich stories, that inspire. The identity and universality of his films are born out of naturalism which feel very personal, human, unabashedly raw and visceral.

Kendy pushes cinema to new heights by not being afraid to explore new territory. As a master of his craft, his versatility is proven by a body of work that encompasses character-driven documentaries, drama, horror and action. Moreover, Kendy has been interviewed and featured on hundreds of magazine articles and publications.

His films have been selected as Vimeo Staff Picks and he has earned many accolades including Best Documentary Short Film at the Las Vegas Film Festival in 2013 for “Portrait of a poet”; Best Short Film at the Havas Up Filmfest in 2014 for “A Drop in the Ocean”; Best Documentary Short Film 2014 for the 25th Anniversary of Brookfield Arts in New York for “Behind the Move”.

He has directed for clients such as TBWA, Wieden+Kennedy, Christie HQ, Amnesty International, TB Proof, Mendecins Sans Frontieres and TAG.